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Denise L. Peroune, Ph.D.


The experiences of more than 15 years in higher education marketing communications have convinced Dr. Peroune that knowing one’s values is the foundation for building a life that is authentic and sustainable, and that this holds true for individuals as well as institutions. She is the Founder of Living Your Values Now, Inc. where she serves as guide for individuals and institutions ready to identify their core values, differentiate themselves and live out their unique mission. Dr. Peroune resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and is the Senior Editor of FIRST READS where she also writes the monthly column "On Assignment".

John Harewood


John Harewood was born in Barbados and lives in Ottawa. He is a former Professor of Classics and Academic Advisor in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ottawa.  A literary critic and an essayist, John has written, produced and directed skits for the stage as well as documentaries for broadcast on radio. He was also a newspaper columnist for several years and holds graduate degrees from the University of Toronto (M.A. in Classics) and the University of Ottawa (M.ED). He is a Contributing Editor of FIRST READS.

Deborah Rodney

Deborah Rodney
has been a juggler, an actress, a social activist, the founder and director of three theater companies, a teamwork trainer for a major computer company, a communications specialist on HIV-AIDS in Guyana and St. Vincent and a writer and director of documentaries and tourism programs in the Caribbean. She has written 14 plays for children on environmental and social issues which toured to hundreds of Oregon schools and has published four children’s books. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA. A Reiki Master in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho since 1992, she is deeply grateful for the places it takes her. She is a Contributing Editor of FIRST READS.

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