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"Until the lions have their own historians,
 tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter."

African Proverb


Strategy Forum Inc was founded by I. Rhonda King in 2006. We are primarily a concept design laboratory which also publishes works for niche markets. We use the best tools and technological advances available to the publishing sector. Each work which carries the SFI label is carefully selected. Our works are message driven and we expect our authors to be actively engaged in promoting their messages and ideas.                         

“We believe that a visual culture is taking over in the twenty-first century, where people must be stimulated visually if the message is to be transmitted successfully. The aesthetic appeal of books published under the SFI label is therefore key in their creation; design becomes as critical to conveying the message as the medium itself. Under the SFI label, each book remains a work of art while being a conduit for sharing valuable information and insight, using fiction and non fiction alike.

Working on a shoestring budget and buoyed by a compelling vision, SFI is not deterred by these limitations but uses innovative business practices and the best technology available to create timely products that achieve the objective—to create printed works of art that are tools for engaging the world and building communities of practice.”

We aim to publish no more than two editions annually. We hope to create inspired thinking one book at a time.

 Niche Market Focused and Quality Driven
Building Communities of Practice