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What We Do

Reorganizing intellectual and spiritual assets
Celebrating the elegance of intelligence
and pointing the way forward...

We are primarily a Concept Design, Strategy and Critical Thinking Laboratory. We intend to inspire intelligent living.

We publish illustrated and niche-market editions (SFI GIFT BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTS) and the literary e-journal, FIRST READS.

Our Philosophy

Most practical decisions flow out of an understanding of the larger questions.

Three kinds of goods are produced in the economy: a consumption good or production 'output', a human capital good known also as 'experience and skill', and new varieties of intermediate capital goods, better known as 'ideas'. These intermediate capital goods underlie every aspect of our lives. Ideas shape how we think and speak about the world, how we behave, how we see ourselves, individually and in society. Ideas drive imagination; they determine how we conceive the past, the present and the future; they inform our political and social arrangement, our arts and culture, science, technology and religion, our personal relationships and beliefs. Ideas govern what we do and how we do it.

Therefore, ideas do matter and the ability to generate them seems increasingly likely to be more important today than raw economic potential, technological advantage, or diplomatic acumen in determining who exercises leadership or creates genuine wealth. However, any culture where practical issues constantly triumph over theoretical questions, any culture that fails to commit time and resources to help positively shape the climate of opinion is shortsighted and probably on a self-destructive path. 

Our Mission

Strategy Forum Inc
collects knowledge, develops and disseminates new ideas that foster creativity, inspire and empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things and live the good life. It is dedicated to celebrating the Caribbean sense of life.

The Caribbean Sense of Life

The Caribbean is a sea and not a continent, it consists of islands. Its highly distinctive physical geography gave rise to each island’s characteristically strong sense of insularity. This strong sense of insularity, the forces of nature and history have shaped the Caribbean in a unique and compelling way. The Caribbean sense of life has evolved through a process of hybridization – it is an exquisite blend of many cultures: Carib, African, Indian, European, Chinese, Arab, Jewish… What has emerged is a hybridized psyche – the quintessence of a Caribbean people. Consequently, we see the Caribbean Sense of Life as an eco-friendly consciousness naturally in pursuit of a perfect balance between being and doing.

Our Vision

Strategy Forum Inc. envisions the day when the Caribbean Sense of Life will be universally recognized as the essence of the good life.



Where everything begins.

The human race is governed by its imagination,
which Albert Einstein believed to be more important than knowledge. Imagination is the genesis of innovation.


Creativity is not enough.

Ideas alone do not move mountains. Innovative thinking is where the rubber hits the road; it is the confluence of knowledge, creativity and action. Innovation is ideas in action.


What is our most valuable asset today?

The answer is, resoundingly, our creative capital: an arsenal of creative thinkers, whose ideas not only change the way we see the world, but can be turned into valuable products and services. Ideas are the new currency in today's economy.


Changing vision into reality.

Entrepreneurship, according to Peter Drucker, is the commitment to the systematic practice of innovation, be it in a new venture started by a single individual in the garage, backyard or at the kitchen table, an established business, or the public service.

Effectiveness not merely doing things right.

Effectiveness is doing the right thing at the right time.


Performance defying old limits.

The pursuit of excellence ensures that practice consistently matches potential. Excellence exceeds old boundaries and charts new territories.